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A young, dynamic and enthusiastic company with 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of demolition and disassembly work.
Two brothers, each with different strengths and a young spirit, who have combined their knowledge and experiences in that field in the innovative company MNE B.V.

Started on January 1, 2011 and already in full swing with the execution of demolition and disassembly work in the broadest sense of the word both at home and abroad

      • Total demolition work, both in industrial and urban areas
      • Renovation demolition / stripping of buildings
      • Dismantling work (machines, objects, eg in or on factories)
      • Lifting work (demolition and/or dismantling activities
         at height)

      • Asbestos removal work
      • Soil remediation
      • Ground, sewer and street work
      • Lending out people or equipment to colleague
        demolition and dismantling companies for support.

        Both on a production basis and against a fixed contract price

Specialized in working with cutting torches, armor burners and thermal lance. For the reduction and recycling of extremely heavy, ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects.

MNE B.V. stands for quality, safety, thinking along the entire process and possibly advising our national and international clients when it comes to environment, recycling and sustainability.